Stingray Wrist Wrap

Stingray Wrist Wrap

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Stingray Wrist Wraps are a luxurious staple for all BuDhaGirls and for creating your unique stack. These spectacular wraps are crafted from stingray shagreen, a textured, natural material that has been used for centuries to embellish everything from Japanese sword hilts to inlaid Parisian boxes. Available in six shades: Black, Taupe, Ivory, Turquoise, Orange, and BDG Pink.  Wrist Wraps come with our signature magnetic CHOP End Cap on each end. Stingray Wrist Wraps are beautifully packaged for you in our custom BuDhaGirl Silk All Weather Bangles box, included with your purchase.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause...Choose your end caps with real intention and focus on that intention totally present in the Now...Go, Be it.

Thought: We derive a sense of self by the activity that exists in our mind. Being present and serene will renew your sense of self.